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Do You Need to Find a New Component Supplier?

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If you are involved in manufacturing work, then you will know how reliant your business is on technology. Whether it is a light-guided assembly for PCB circuit boards, coil winding machinery, a wave solder machine, or CNC laser cutting, technology is at the heart of your factory operations. Sadly, while most modern machinery is highly reliable, there can still be times when it can let you down. When your factory equipment fails, it is imperative that you are able to identify the problem and return the equipment to service at the earliest opportunity. Time really is money, and the longer your equipment remains out of commission, the more it will cost your company in terms of overtime bills, delays to orders and unhappy customers. To get your equipment working without delay, you will need to find an IDEC distributor or similar supplier who can provide you with the switches, sensors and power supplies you need to keep your equipment running and your products flowing through your factory. To find that supplier, there are two things that you must ensure:

Material quality

Every production engineer will have a horror story to tell associated with the use of generic parts. Perhaps they purchased a component only for it to fail again soon after installation. Maybe they bought a replacement part after being assured that it was a direct replacement, yet when they tried to fit it they found out that it wouldn't fit in the intended location. Despite their cheaper prices, generic parts are rarely a good investment. To ensure that your equipment will operate as intended, you need to locate an IDEC distributor who can guarantee the quality of the components that they are selling. If you aren't certain, then it is always a good idea to ask questions before you buy.

A proven track record

Once you have found an IDEC distributor you can trust, you will want to make certain that they will still be around to provide you with parts next time you need them. Look for a well-established company with a long history of supplying businesses like yours with the parts they need. If you can be confident of establishing a long-term partnership, then you will be able to save time in the future by going straight to the supplier you know and trust rather than having to search different websites for the part you need, wasting time speaking to various companies in the hope that they will be able to supply what you need. If you have any concerns, don't forget to check the company reviews and see what their existing customers say about them and how long they have been using them.