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4 Things to Consider When Setting up Your Server Racks

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Eventually, a successful small to medium business needs to consider setting up its own IT server room. But, for first-timers, the setting-up process can be a daunting one. That's why it can be massively helpful if you plan ahead when choosing a room to house your servers and their equipment in. Doing this can save you many headaches down the road.

If you are about to invest in some server racks so you can house your servers in a room on your business premises, consider the following four factors before you begin.

1. Ease of Access

The first thing to consider before you bring your server racks to your place of business is ease of access. Are your chosen room's doors tall enough to accommodate your rack servers? You'll need to measure beforehand and either choose your rack server sizes accordingly or adjust the doorway dimensions.

You'll also need to accommodate your server cables and the cables for their accompanying equipment. If there is little room for your cables, this could become a health and safety concern.

2. Temperature Control

Your servers need to remain cool too. The location of your servers will affect their temperature, so bear this in mind when placing them. For instance, always leave some space on all sides of your server racks to allow cool air to flow over them evenly.

You also need to consider the room's capability to dissipate the heat generated by the servers and their equipment. You might need to install air ducts to release heat. And, adding an air conditioner might be a good investment too to keep your servers cool at all times.

3. Space Availability

How much space will be available once you have placed your server racks in your chosen room? Remember, your engineers or IT staffers will need to be able to access the servers for maintenance tasks and to add additional equipment. If the space is too cramped, accidents could happen.

4. Clarity of Operation

Clearly label all your equipment too before placing it. It's a good idea to get your labels ready before you set up your equipment in the room. That way, you can label each piece of equipment clearly before you place it on the server rack. Clear labeling is important because otherwise, your IT staffers could end up causing massive system failures when trying to work on aspects of the equipment.

Are you about to bring your IT setup in-house? Then make sure you keep the above points in mind before you set up your server room. To learn more about server racks, contact a company in your area like Cable Source Pty Ltd.