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Top Things to Buy When Implementing HDMI Over Cat6 for Your Media Room

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When you were initially handling the planning stages for your media room, you might have initially decided that you were going to use HDMI cables to hook everything up. After doing a little bit more research, however, you might have found that using HDMI over Cat6 was a good idea. This is a good way to improve picture and audio quality, and it can help you keep your costs down when you're setting up your media room, too. If you're ready to implement this type of technology in your media room — or even elsewhere in your home — then you will need to purchase a few things. These are some of the things that you are probably going to need to buy so you can get everything set up.

New HDMI Cables

First of all, if you are thinking about using your older HDMI cables, you should think about replacing them. Even though low-quality, cheap HDMI cables can still be used and can still work effectively, you probably want to have the best picture and sound quality possible in your media room. Because of this, you may want to purchase higher-quality HDMI cables that can provide you with better performance. Additionally, since you will be using your Cat6 cables for most of your distance, and since you can enjoy better quality when using Cat6 cables over longer distances, you should purchase shorter HDMI cables, if applicable. Luckily, even higher-quality HDMI cables shouldn't be too expensive, especially if you're purchasing them in shorter lengths.

HDMI Over Cat6 Connector

Of course, you can't just connect your HDMI cables with Cat6 cables. Instead, you will need a connector or extender that can be used to connect the two together. Take your time when choosing one of these devices. You'll need to choose one that has enough input and output connections for all of the equipment that you're planning on setting up in your media room. For example, you might be planning on setting up video game consoles, BluRay players, televisions, and more. Additionally, you'll need a high-quality connector that you can count on.

Cat6 Cables

Naturally, you are going to need Cat6 cables if you want to have this type of setup. Now is a good time to determine just how long you need your Cat6 cables to be. Then, you can purchase long enough cables for your needs, without purchasing cables that are actually longer than what is required.

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