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Fibre Optic Cabling: Four Fundamental Precautions for Using Patch Leads

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Patch leads are essential components in fibre optic setups. These components are designed to connect end devices like computers to cabled networks. If you are planning on installing new patch leads in your building, you should choose professional gear placement. This approach will minimise the risk of common transmission problems such as failed, slow and inaccurate data transmissions. However, if you know fibre optic cabling, you can choose an in-house installation. Here are some critical precautions to keep in mind when using patch leads.

Use Safety Gear

You should acquire appropriate protective equipment before beginning the installation work. The handling of fibre optic patch leads is not highly dangerous. However, careless actions can lead to electric shock or injuries. Therefore, you should use insulated gloves when working with the cables. These units will prevent electric shock and minimise the risk of cuts from cable shards. Also, acquire protective glasses to protect from both particles and beams. Additionally, use an anti-static wrist band to limit the risk of damaging your electronics.

Avoid Cable Stress

Patch leads are vulnerable to damage when exposed to mechanical stress. Therefore, you should avoid causing strain to the cabling when working. The most common problem is bending the cords beyond their limits. This action will compromise the integrity of the internal transmission system. Consequently, the data signals will deteriorate. You can avoid this issue by checking the maximum bend radius for your patch leads. Do not bend the cords further than recommended. Also, avoid removing and inserting the components constantly because of the vulnerability of the fibre optic jumpers.

Retain the Caps

When the patch leads are purchased, they will have protective caps at the ends. These elements might seem useless and are often disposed of during the initial installation. However, you should consider keeping the safety caps. Keep in mind that cable connectors will deteriorate if they are exposed to unfavourable conditions during storage. Moreover, the damage to the ends could compromise the entire patch lead. If you would like to ensure the longevity of your components, retain the safety caps and use them after disconnecting the leads.

Maintain the Cables

Finally, you should plan for patch lead maintenance after installation. Proper upkeep will keep the cabling functional and minimise delays and other data transmission issues. One of the critical tasks is cleaning fibre connectors. This process will remove dust and grime from the cabling system. You should also ensure that the cords are placed in optimal ambient condition when in use or storage.